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Wealth creation at work

We strive at work to get ahead financially and pursue a better life. When our hard work results in increased wealth and reduced financial stress, we live a more motivated and productive life.

At Rollit Wealth, we’re empowering wealth creation. Our smart tools cover all aspects of our financial lives from superannuation, property and financial advice, to shopping discounts, spending analysis and budgeting. Everything you need to be... rolling in it!

Badge Finnies

Finalist. Excellence in wealth management.

Badge Finnies

Finalist. Partnership of the year (Moneytree).

Badge EY

Finalist. EY 'Nextwave' financial wellbeing innovation.

Badge Metlife

Finalist. Global advancement of financial wellbeing.


For individuals and families

With Rollit Wealth, we automate the hard bits of money management, providing a single picture of all your finances.

Our 'active' superannuation and property tools ensure your two most important financial assets are working hard for you, helping to build long term wealth.


For employers

What is holding your workforce back? For 90% of employees, household debt and cost of living are their greatest worry. The impact this worry has on business is staggering.

Money-stressed employees lose a day of productivity each week and average 2.6 years less tenure. The financial impact is estimated to cost employers $44 Billion a year.


For partners

At Rollit Wealth, we help HR, payroll and workplace platforms increase employee engagement. But more than that, we build personal wealth eco-systems.

We are always seeking new partners and financial solution providers who want to deliver better wealth prospects to working Australians.

Profile Ruth

"I am not someone who is naturally inclined toward budgeting or tracking spending, but Rollit Wealth has made me much more aware of my expenses.

Another thing I love is getting a discount on my grocery shopping. It is one of my largest expenses and using the rewards program means it now costs me 5% less. Over a year that can mean as much as $1,000 saved."

- Ruth, Author

Profile Simon

"Financial wellbeing is a challenging topic for business owners to address. At the end of the day I want the best for my people but ultimately they need to be responsible for the choices they make.

When introduced to Rollit Wealth I could immediately see how I could empower my staff to improve their financial literacy, help them budget, and help them make better super decisions."

- Simon, Business Owner

Profile Adam

"I had been considering changing over my super for quite a while but due to there being so many choices out there it was difficult to compare true performance.

Rollit Wealth provided a simple platform that showed me how poorly my current fund was performing, helping me make the change to a better performing fund.

- Adam, Builder

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